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Talk to an estate planning attorney in Temple City, CA

Lean on John L. Shaw, Attorney at Law for compassionate support if you're starting the complicated estate planning process in Temple City, CA. Attorney Shaw can help you create an estate plan that will address all of your concerns.

Attorney Shaw also has extensive experience with life insurance law in Temple City, CA. Your life insurance could pay for your health care if you become ill or injured. It can also provide income for your family if you pass away. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today to discuss your situation.

Protect what matters most

Protect what matters most

Make sure that your assets go to the right people after you pass away. Meet with John L. Shaw, Attorney at Law to discuss estate planning in Temple City, California. By creating a comprehensive estate plan, you can transfer your:

Life insurance-life insurance law is complicated, and you don't want to leave your family without coverage.
Business-keep your business in the family by including your business as an asset in your estate plan.
Real estate-whether you own a single home or a number of valuable properties, you should make sure they're protected.

Attorney Shaw will also help you with guardianship long-term care planning. If you become incapacitated or disabled, your loved ones will have clear instructions for your care. Contact John L. Shaw, Attorney at Law today to learn more about your estate planning options.